Orthopaedic Surgeon

DR. ARUMUGAM . S is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Bharathirajaa Speciality Hospital. He is specialising in hip and knee replacement surgeries and revision hip and knee replacement surgeries. He also manages routine trauma and polytrauma cases.

DR. ARUMUGAM. S got his basic qualification from ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY, Chidambaram, Tamil nadu. He got his surgical qualification from Europe and from Mumbai. He worked as a senior registar with Dr. H. J. SANGATHAN, FRCS,FRCS. who is a senior replacement surgeon, for a year. He also worked as a registar at Vijaya Hospital, chennai. He also did a corse on hip and knee arthoplasty in Australia under Dr. Roy Randle at Gold Coast, Australia.

Dr. Arumugam. S specialist interests include primary knee and hip replacement surgeries. He is also interested in high flexion knee replacements which gives the patients near normal range of movements. He prefers doing both joint in one sitting there by cutting down on stay and cost as well as lesssning rehabilitation time period for the patient.

He routinely does knee replacements using minimally, invasive technique (smaller incisions) for both high flexion as well as routine fixed bearing knee replacements. He does hip replacement using conventional bearing and mental on mental or ceramic on ceramic hard bearings depending on the patients needs and requirements.

He is the one among the young replacement surgeons who has done maximum no. of replacements in chennai. He is one among the first surgeon to do pinnacle metal on metal hip replacement system on both hips of a patient in one sitting.

He is also interested in doing revision hip and revision knee joint replacement especially in those patient with periposthetic fractures,infections and failed primary joint replacements. He manges all kinds of open and closed fractures as well as polytrauma patients with relative ease with his knowledge, talent and expereince.