Bharathirajaa Hospital & Research Centerโ€™s department of Obstetrics offers a wide range of women health care services for unmarried women and unborn children with efficient disease management. Our department comes integrated with high-end technologies with state-of-the-art care delivering comprehensive healthcare services such as minimally invasive surgeries, high-risk pregnancy management, fertility care, radical surgeries for gynaecological cancers, chemotherapy and more.

Our Best gynaecologist in Chennai follows a stringent diagnosis and treatment, providing safety and comfort for women and children. Some of our ultra-modern diagnoses include amniocentesis, ultrasonography, and chorionic villus sampling, helping patients detect health issues early. Our advanced treatment includes open myomectomies that are generally unsafe for endoscopic surgery. We provide expert counselling for infertility management, menopause management, prenatal diagnosis, family welfare, reconstructive surgery and pelvic floor medicine.

Why BR Hospitals?


We have a long heritage of serving the community since 2006 by following the simple philosophy where we keep patientsโ€™ safety and comfort as our priority.

Modular operation theatre

Our modular operation theatre in Chennai set up a benchmark in infection prevention, contributing to a seamless surgical experience.

Clinical Speciality

BR hospitals team provides expert-grade gynaecological and obstetric treatment, including specialist treatment for different age groups with unique health concerns.

Tranquil Campus

Our extensive campus is surrounded by lush greeneries, offering a calming and soothing effect for patients and visitors.

Emergency Care

We have the largest set of emergency care units with the Best gynaecologist in Chennai working 24X7 providing immediate care, diagnosis and treatment.