Are you suffering from a heart problem that has been keeping you in excruciating pain almost all night? Then, you are at the right place. At Bharathirajaa Hospital & Research Center, we are a team of heart specialists working since 2006 to ensure a healthy lifestyle to our patients. All our services are performed using advanced technologies. This allows us to find out the underlying issues much faster and efficiently as compared to traditional medical practices.


Led by Dr. C. Natesan, one of the best heart specialist in Chennai, the team of doctors have achieved many feats all on their own. From performing complicated long hour heart surgeries to offering premium case-specific consultations, we do it all. Similarly, not limited to only heart-related care, we also excel in various other niches. Some of them include ENT, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, joint replacement surgery, and many more.


When you onboard with us, we will assign one of our doctors to help you with your issues. The doctor will note down any and every complaint that the patient is facing, while also offering their own consultations. Until and unless the findings are too serious, we follow a surgery less medication management method. However, if the case is rather serious, our doctors will consult with the patient regarding the safest methods of surgery and only when green-flagged move forward with the same.


Why us?


  • 100 percent hygienic services
  • Professional and highly experienced team of doctors
  • Multi-speciality hospital
  • 15+ years experience
  • Dedicated after care services
  • Affordable packages
  • Emergency care available